“When AT&T is assisting the Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce, whether with membership/sponsorship support or in-kind donations we truly believe it is one partner helping another. When the chamber wins the entire community wins. AT&T is a large economic engine. We bring choices and good prices to the communities. AND we really have our employees that live and work here, where others do not. Giving back is what we do.” 

— Linda Caram, AT&T

“Working with all the other business owners in the area has broadened my perspective of the tremendous growth in our area and has enabled me to form many new and rewarding friendships within the business arena.”

 — Judy Ehrenberg, Premier Academy 


"I joined the Chamber to meet and become friends with new people/businesses. The Chamber is a great way to interact with a good group of people and I enjoy each event. Also, it’s a great way to network to business. NW Chamber is one of the most fun Chambers in the area and I look forward to each and every event!"


— Kelly Worthington, Global Impressions


''Our company joined the chamber to get involved with other businesses in the community. We have enjoyed meeting so many business owners. The support provided by each member has been incredible. I would highly recommend any business to join the chamber for the great networking and great fun!''

— Kallie Ritchey, Alliance Realty Group

''Joining the chamber and becoming more involved has helped introduce us to more members in the community. We are seeing a growth in business due to the exposure that being involved has provided us.''

— Brittany Vinson, Baker Bros American Deli

''I joined the Chamber so I could meet and be a part of our growing region. The best part is the people. Everyone in business should be a member because the Chamber is a great resource for businesses.''

— Betty Revis, Alexander Chandler Realty

''I joined to meet other business people and build a presence in the community. The best part is definitely the networking and meeting of others. Good people, good exposure, good food and discussions.''

— Griff Jacobsen, Edward Jones Investments

''I joined the Chamber to meet other local small business owners, mostly with the hope of gaining new clients. I’ve really enjoyed the events and social opportunities.''

— Chip Kowalski, Wise Networks

''[I joined] to get involved with the local businesses. Made great relationships throughout the Chamber and its communities. Great people! Nice, fun, and friendly!''

— Jim Dingemanse, iOffice

''[I joined] to meet new business owners in the NW community. [I] wanted to expand connections beyond Argyle-Roanoke-Justin. The best part is starting to meet new people – have not been involved for very long – work on being involved with business builders and luncheons – have been meeting some great people. I really like the Ambassadors sending out not cards to members to stay in touch – there are so many networking opportunities for businesses – very organized chamber!''

— Lisa Cave, Point Bank

''I joined to expand business. I have enjoyed all of the new friends and experiences that I have had this past year. Look forward to 2015 and building more relationships.''

— Rhonda Martin, Great Western Home Loans

''[I joined] to become a larger presence in the community surrounding our Alliance location. I love the great people, feel very welcome at all events. [The NW Metroport Chamber is a] great way to meet and get to know great folks.''

— Tammie Singer, Baker Bros American Deli

''[I joined] to be part of the community, networking friendships. [I have] built great friendships, [there are] awesome networking events. Great way to be seen and heard throughout the community.''

— Sam Leopard, Fast Signs